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Pre-Portrait Consultation

One way to ensure a successful session is to plan it out, which is one of the main goals with a pre-portrait consultation. 


Communication is critical between the photographer and client throughout the process, and the best way to start out on the same page is to plan the session together!  

The second goal of the pre-portrait consultation is to establish a level of trust and comfort before the camera every comes out of the bag! 

The pre-session consultation usually takes place at your house, but we can meet at a coffee shop or other place that is comfortable and quiet enough to allow easy conversation. 

During your consultation,  we will talk about the who, what, why, where, when, and how. We will plan the date and locations for your shoot, and we can discuss clothing and accessories, and what other items you may want to bring. We will discuss products and pricing.  Meeting in your home allows me to get a glimpse into your style. We can discuss your vision for the portraits that you want and where you want them and how to display them. We can measure your wall space and I can provide guidance on how to set up the portraits or groupings to make recommendations during the Portrait Ordering Appointment. 

Knowing all of this beforehand helps us decide on locations, clothing, etc., and it also helps me to plan my shot choices.  


We will also go over the contract and studio policies regarding rescheduling, fees, model releases & permissions, printing rights, etc. so that you know everything you need to about the entire process.  Taking care of the logistics ahead of time will allow everyone to be more relaxed and comfortable during the actual session.

The more planning we do ahead of time, the less stress the day of the shoot!

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