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 Join the DelMonte Photography High School Model Team! 

Experience the new and improved DelMonte Photography High School Model Team, an exclusive opportunity tailored for high school juniors and seniors seeking an unconventional approach to capturing their final year. We invite those of you graduating in 2025 to apply and become part of a community that extends far beyond the lens. Becoming a part of the High School Model Team means more than just capturing memories; it's about forging lifelong friendships with like-minded individuals who share the excitement of commemorating their high school experience in a unique and unforgettable way. As a model, you have the chance to be the face of DelMonte Photography, gracing our marketing materials, social media platforms, and website, leaving an indelible mark on the visual narrative of our brand. Join us on this adventure where each snapshot tells a story, and together, we create moments that last a lifetime.

Please be sure to read the following and make sure you understand the commitments required.


Feel free to share with friends as well! 

The Details


The program aims to select a group of dynamic, outgoing high school students to serve as ambassadors for DelMonte Photography. As models, they will not only receive personalized photoshoots but also gain exposure through various events and promotional activities.

Benefits for Models:

  • Exclusive Photoshoots: Models will receive an individual personalized photoshoot (the "Ultimate Experience" photo session) tailored to showcase their unique personalities and styles. These sessions will highlight their journey through senior year, creating memorable and stunning images.

  • New Friendships: Collective photo sessions bringing all models together for fun and collaborative shoots, fostering camaraderie and teamwork. Through participation in exclusive events, models will have the chance to network with fellow models and build lasting friendships. Additionally, these styled shoots and themed events keep content fresh and engaging, with each model receiving the digital images from each of these sessions.

  • Cash Rewards: Model will receive $25 referral fee for each person that uses DelMonte Photography for their portraits; 

  • Extracurricular Activity Images: Pictures at one of their extracurricular activities;

  • Promotional Exposure: Models will feature prominently in DelMonte Photography's marketing materials, social media platforms, and website. They'll become the face of the brand, gaining visibility within their community.

  • Social Media Takeovers: Opportunities for models to take over DelMonte Photography's social media accounts, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, tips, and experiences, enhancing engagement with the audience.

Requirements for Models:

  • Use DelMonte Photography as their sole photographer during their senior year;

  • Post on social media frequently (a minimum of 1 or 2 times per month) about DelMonte Photography;

  • Book their senior session with DelMonte Photography;

  • Participate in a minimum of three of the styled photo sessions with the team;

  • Notify parents of their application. Parents of selected applicants will be contacted first, before the model;

  • Pay the Session Fee for the Ultimate Senior Session ($170), which will be due before the first team model shoot.

Selection Process:

  • Interested high school students graduating in 2025 + 2026 can apply by submitting an application detailing their interests, activities, and reasons for wanting to become a DelMonte Photography spokesmodel. 

  • A limited number will be chosen based on their enthusiasm, dedication, and ability to represent the brand effectively.

The DelMonte Photography High School Model Team offers an exceptional opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to showcase their individuality, represent a reputable photography brand, and create lasting memories.

Additional Perks:

  • Professional Photography Sessions:

    • Enjoy complimentary or heavily discounted professional photo sessions.

  • Portfolio Building:

    • Build a professional portfolio showcasing your modeling skills and creativity.

  • Social Media Exposure:

    • Gain increased visibility on social media platforms through features on our accounts and promotional posts.

  • Free Merchandise and Swag:

    • Receive free branded clothing and photography-related swag.

  • Discounts for Friends and Family:

    • Provide exclusive discounts on photography services for friends and family.

  • Resume and College Applications Boost:

    • Enhance your resume and college applications by showcasing your role as a senior ambassador.

  • Skill Development:

    • Acquire valuable marketing, communication, and collaboration skills.

  • Customized Marketing Materials:

    • Access personalized marketing materials to promote the brand effectively.

  • Incentive Programs and Rewards:

    • Participate in incentive programs and receive additional rewards based on performance.


Join the DelMonte Photography High School Model Team

and Make Your Senior Year Truly Unforgettable!


Ready to embark on this exciting journey and build lifelong friendships? Apply now and become part of the supportive community that is DelMonte Photography!

DelMonte Photography High School Model Team Events

At DelMonte Photography, we believe in creating not just beautiful photographs but also unforgettable memories. As a member of our High School Model Team, you can look forward to exciting events that go beyond traditional photoshoots, fostering camaraderie and making your experience truly extraordinary.

Team Sessions - Every Six Weeks or So:

  • April - Spring Team Session:

    • Embrace the season with Spring pastels and blooming flowers.

  • May/June - Picnic and Shoot:

    • Enjoy a day outdoors with a picnic and photoshoot. Think country vibes, fields, and maybe even horses!

  • July - Lake/River/Water Shoot:

    • Cool off in the summer heat with a refreshing water-themed photoshoot.

  • Late August - Sunflower/Field Shoot:

    • Bask in the golden glow of late summer with a sunflower-filled field shoot.

  • Early October - Halloween Shoot:

    • Get spooky with a Halloween-themed photoshoot.

  • Early November - Fall Color + Christmas Shoot:

    • Capture the beauty of fall colors and start the festive season with a Christmas-themed shoot.

  • Late January - Studio Shoot/Valentine:

    • Kick off the new year with an indoor studio shoot, embracing the love and warmth of Valentine's Day.


Other Events:

  • Meet + Greet:

    • Come together for a Meet + Greet to go over all the details and get to know each other better.

  • Mid-December - Christmas Party:

    • Celebrate the holiday season with a festive Christmas party filled with joy and camaraderie.


Why Attend Our Events:

  • Build Lasting Friendships:

    • Connect with fellow models in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

  • Capture Diverse Moments:

    • Our events offer a variety of themes and settings, ensuring a diverse range of captured moments for your portfolio.

  • Enhance Your Experience:

    • Beyond photoshoots, our events provide an opportunity to enjoy each other's company, fostering a supportive and fun environment.

  • Create Memories Beyond Photography:

    • Our events are designed not just for capturing images but for creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Join the DelMonte Photography High School Model Team, and let's make every moment count! Apply now and be part of an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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