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Senior Photography

Now Booking Senior Class of 2024

September - December, 2023

This last year of high school has SO MANY BIG moments! 

It may be your last year at home, and the last year with the friends you have grown up with.  This is the best and most memorable year for every high school student. This is the year you finally graduate high school, and  embark on a new journey and a new beginning in your life! But before that special day, celebrate YOU with a photoshoot to capture who you are at this time of your life! Something you can look back on and remember this very special time in your life! 

But YOU DON’T WANT boring mediocre photos - You want professional prints that show off who you are! A senior session with DelMonte Photography is all about creativity, showing the fun side of you. Something that tells what you are all about so that you can look back on yourself in the future and cherish these memories of who you were before one of life’s most significant transitions.

Together, we will plan your senior portrait photoshoot, tailoring it  specifically for you. ​I strive to capture your individuality, style and personality. I want to highlight your talents, and the story of your  journey to adulthood. I will tell your story with images that reflect who you are. Relax, get comfortable, and let my lens tell your story. 

The Process

I know it can feel overwhelming trying to choose the right photographer and all the other decisions that go into make a perfect portrait experience, but I am here to guide you through the entire process!

Step One: Contact me!

We can discuss any questions you have and we can schedule you Pre-Portrait Consultation!

We will discuss locations for your shoot, wardrobe, your hobbies and interests, what props you may want to bring along. We will also get your photoshoot put on the calendar!

Step Three: The Photoshoot!

Depending on which package you choose, this can last anywhere from one to three hours with various outfit and location changes.  

Step Four:  The Photo Reveal and Order Session!

Step Four: The Photo Reveal and Ordering Session! Approximately two weeks after your photoshoot, we will meet again for your Photo Reveal and Ordering Session.

Senior Sessions

Ultimate Experience $225

2 - 3 hours shooting time

Unlimited locations

Unlimited outfits

PLUS a Second Shoot (30 - 45 minutes) at a different time during the year.

Standard Experience 

1 - 1/2 hours shooting time

1 - 2 locations within a few miles of each other

Unlimited outfits

Basic Experience

1/2 - 1 hour shooting time

One location

Unlimited outfits

This is a great option for the guy that is only doing pictures to make his mom happy!

The Session Fee includes the pre-portrait consultation, your photoshoot, time spent editing the pictures and your in-person ordering session.

The session fee does not include any prints or digitals.

Want MORE FUN?? Book a Best Friends Senior Photoshoot! 

Do you have a special friend or group of friends you have grown up with? Have them share this monumental moment with you!

Best Friend Senior Sessions can ease anxiousness if you are feeling nervous about having pictures taken, plus they add more fun and excitement to your photoshoot. Most importantly, being photographed with the person or group who has had your back all through high school will definitely be memories you will cherish for the rest of your life!

Best Friend Senior Sessions are structured a little bit different than the regular sessions. Each person will take turns in front of the the camera individually - either all at one time or back and forth. That is NOT to say that you will both have identical pictures - they will be individualized to you. We will also capture several photos together.

You will each get just as many images as you would if you did the shoot alone, plus you will get some together!


The ultimate experience when booked with one or more people is $185 per person and includes 3 - 4 hours shooting time, still unlimited locations and outfits.

The standard experience when booked with one or more people is $175 per person and includes 2 - 2 1/2 hours shooting time, and 1 -  2  locations and outfits.

Pre-portrait consultations and ordering sessions will be held separately.

There is still a choice between the ultimate experience and the standard experience, but here's the difference.

The BFF Ultimate Session

The BFF Standard Session

Sports Portraits & Hobbies

should be part of your Senior Portraits too!

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