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Senior Photography

Preserve Your Senior Story:
Custom Photoshoots with DelMonte Photography

The final year of high school marks a multitude of significant moments! It marks the end of an era –potentially your last year at home and bidding farewell to the friends you've grown up with. For every high school student, this year stands as the pinnacle of memories. It culminates in your high school graduation, heralding the commencement of a fresh journey in your life. 


Before this pivotal day arrives, celebrate and capture your essence through a personalized photoshoot—an invaluable keepsake that encapsulates this extraordinary phase of your life!


You deserve more than just ordinary, run-of-the-mill photos; you seek professional prints that authentically represent who you are. At DelMonte Photography, our senior sessions are crafted around creativity, highlighting your vibrant personality. Our aim is to create visuals that speak volumes about your identity, enabling you to reminisce about this significant period in your life.

Together, we'll curate a senior portrait photoshoot tailored specifically to you. I'm committed to capturing your uniqueness, style, and individuality. I aim to showcase your talents and narrate the story of your journey into adulthood through images that authentically reflect who you are. Relax, be yourself, and allow my lens to weave your story.

The Portrait Process:
Your Journey to Perfect Portraits!


Navigating the intricacies of choosing the ideal photographer and shaping a flawless portrait experience can be daunting. Fear not, as I'm here to expertly guide you through every step!

Step One: Connect with Us!

Initiate contact to address your inquiries and secure your Pre-Portrait Consultation!

Step Two: Personalized Consultation!

In this immersive session, we'll discuss shoot locations and wardrobe selections, delve into your passions, hobbies, and discuss incorporating desired props. Together, we'll solidify the entire plan for your photo session!

Step Three: The Photoshoot Experience!

Tailored to your chosen package, revel in a session lasting from one to three hours, integrating the outfits and locations we discussed during the pre-portrait consultation.

Step Four: Unveiling Your Masterpieces!

Approximately two weeks after your portrait, we reunite for the exclusive Photo Reveal and Ordering Session. This is your moment to witness your captivating images and make selections for fine prints or exquisite products that resonate with you.

Senior Sessions

Ultimate Experience $170

2 - 3 hours shooting time

Unlimited locations

Unlimited outfits

PLUS a Second Shoot (30 - 45 minutes) at a different time during the year.

Standard Experience 

1 - 1/2 hours shooting time

1 - 2 locations within a few miles of each other

Unlimited outfits

Basic Experience

1/2 - 1 hour shooting time

One location

Unlimited outfits

This is a great option for the person that is only doing pictures to make his or her mom happy!

The Session Fee includes the pre-portrait consultation, your photoshoot, time spent editing the pictures and your in-person ordering session.

The session fee does not include any prints or digitals.

Michelle J, Mother of Brittany

“My daughter was very nervous about getting her senior pictures done, but Kim put her right at ease. She met with us in person and planned the session beforehand, which really soothed my daughter's nerves, and then she made her feel so comfortable at the photo session. My daughter loves her! So glad I chose DelMonte Photography. Michelle, mother of Brittany"

Ashley M. 

Being a high school spokesmodel for DelMonte Photography was a blast! Super fun experience. I ended up with over 100 pics and they were all amazing!

Mary, Grandmother of Cameron

“I literally had to force my grandson to get his senior pictures taken. He was so mad when we showed up that I was scared Kim would just cancel the shoot. She was so professional and sweet. Within five minutes, he was smiling and she even got him to agree to go to a second location! The pictures turned out great, and he even picked out several that he really liked! Kim definitely has a way with putting people at ease.”

Double the Fun: Capture Your Senior Year with Your Best Friends!

Do you have a special friend or group of friends you have grown up with? Have them share this monumental moment with you!

High School Senior BFF Session with girl jumping off of rock wall with hands in the air at Woodward Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma
High School Senior BFF Session with girl jumping off of rock wall with hands in the air at the Rose Garden at Woodward Park.
High School Senior girl in front of pond in Glenpool, Oklahoma at sunset.
High School Senior girl during a BFF Session in front of pond in Glenpool, Oklahoma at sunset.

Are you looking to double the fun in your senior photoshoot? Imagine sharing this momentous occasion with that special friend or group you've grown up with!

Our Best Friend Senior Sessions not only alleviate any nerves you may have about being in front of the camera but also infuse extra excitement into your photoshoot. Above all, being photographed alongside the person or group who has been by your side throughout high school will undoubtedly create cherished memories that will last a lifetime!

These sessions are structured uniquely. Each person will have their individual time in the spotlight – either all together or taking turns. However, this doesn't mean you'll have identical pictures; each photo will be personalized to reflect your unique personality. Additionally, we'll capture several shots together to celebrate your friendship.

Rest assured, you'll receive just as many images as you would in an individual shoot, along with some wonderful group shots!

High School Senior girl standing on bridge at Woodward Park in Tulsa, with beautiful yellow fall foliage behind her.
High School Senior BFF Session with girl standing in a field in front of a Lake in Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

The BFF Session Packages

  • Ultimate Experience: $150 per person for groups, offering 3-4 hours of shooting time with unlimited locations and outfit changes.

  • Standard Experience: $140 per person for groups, providing 2-2½ hours of shooting time, 1-2 locations, and outfit changes.

Both packages ensure a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for each member of the group.

Pre-Portrait Consultations and Ordering Sessions

Please note that pre-portrait consultations and ordering sessions will be held separately to ensure each participant gets the attention and customization they deserve.


This revised version maintains the excitement and significance of capturing senior year moments with best friends while providing clear details about the session structures and offerings in a more engaging manner

Sports Portraits & Hobbies

should be part of your Senior Portraits too!

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