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Hello! I'm Kim!

I am so glad you found me - I would LOVE to create timeless memories for you!

So, a little about me - I'm a wife, Mom and Mimi! I have two sons, a daughter in law and three grandchildren, who I absolutely ADORE! 

I originally started this business over 10 years ago, but for the past couple of years, I haven't been working the advertising angle too much - just working with former clients and their referrals. I've also been very focused on my grandchildren, traveling, and landscape photography, as well as a side Etsy business. I am a die-hard creative!


But I have missed the satisfaction of meeting new people, capturing their images, preserving their memories and the excitement that comes with that, so I am back! I am absolutely obsessed with capturing the love and adoration between family members. I love working with high school and college seniors at this momentous time in their life, knowing I am creating something that is going to hold so many memories for them. I love being a part of the excitement and anticipation of soon to be mommies and daddies, and oftentimes big sisters and/or brothers! 

Another thing about me - I am actually a very introverted person, as well as empathetic. I understand and recognize these types of people, which allows me to be able to draw out others who are uncomfortable in front of the camera, or shy in general, and make them comfortable. This is one of the reasons the pre-portrait consultations are so important. I don't like to just show up and start snapping pictures - I like there to be a level of comfort already established!

I also LOVE to watch the reactions on the client's face when they see their images! It just feels so impersonal to me when I hand off a flash drive with images. I just spent hours either with this person / family at the photoshoot and editing their images, and then....nothing! Plus I know once the flash drive is handed off, many people share their portraits on social media and then don't do much else with them, and they just get buried in an endless sea of every day images. The portrait reveal and ordering appointment remedies this. I can help guide you through the ordering process - helping you decide what you want or need in your home! The physical images will last for generations, for your children, grand and great-grandchildren to cherish. 

My ultimate goal with each photo session is to provide a fun, comfortable session and high quality art for you. guiding you through the entire process from start to finish.

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