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Picture of me with my mom and husband in Durango, CO.

Selfie of my mom, husband and me in CO last May (until i get professional photos of myself done)! 

Hello! I'm Kim!

I would LOVE to create timeless memories for you!

Welcome to DelMonte Photography!

I'm Kim DelMonte, the creative force behind this photography venture. As a wife, mom, and Mimi with a deep appreciation for the beauty of family moments, I founded DelMonte Photography over a decade ago. While the past few years saw me exploring other creative pursuits and savoring precious moments with my grandchildren, my love for capturing memories drew me back to the lens. Specializing in portrait photography services for families and high school seniors, my passion lies in preserving the love and connections between family members.

What sets DelMonte Photography apart is not just the images but the personalized experience. I understand the significance of every photo session and aim to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment. As an introverted and empathetic person, I value the pre-portrait consultations to establish a connection before the shoot. I believe in the power of the portrait reveal and ordering appointment, ensuring that your cherished images don't get lost in the digital abyss. My goal is to guide you through the entire process, providing high-quality art that will last for generations, embodying the essence of your unique story.

Join me in turning moments into memories at DelMonte Photography!

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