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Session Fees

My #1 goal is to provide you with a fun, comfortable seamless experience

preserving memories that you will cherish forever! 

All Session Fees (except the Mini Sessions) include:

 > The Pre-Portrait Consultation;

 > Your Photoshoot;

 > Entry into most shooting locations (if there is a fee);

 > Time spent editing the pictures; and

 > Your in-person Portrait Reveal and Order Session.


The non-refundable session fee will be due at the pre-portrait consultation.  

Print Collections begin at $280 and digital collections begin at $300.

Family, Child, Maternity & CouplesSessions

Immediate Family up to
Four Adults -  $150

1 - 1/2 hours shooting time

One location

Extended Family
5 - 8 Adults - $200

1 1/2 - 2 hours shooting time

One location

Additional People - $50 additional for every four.

Additional Time and/or locations can be added.

Contact me for pricing.

Immediate family sessions will include family pictures (as a group) as well as individual pictures of the children (if possible), and any other combinations you request (just mom and dad, mom and kids / dad and kids, etc.)


Extended family will include whole group family pictures, immediate family pictures, all adults, all children, and any other combinations.

Yes, I DO consider dogs to be part of your family and should be included in the pictures if you want them to be (and they are fairly well behaved)! 

We can do a couple different locations, and outfit changes, but the more time spent driving and changing clothes, the less time I have to shoot. 

Regular Session Fees

Senior Session Fees

Ultimate Experience $225

2 - 3 hours shooting time

Unlimited locations

Unlimited outfits

PLUS a Second Shoot (30 - 45 minutes) at a different time during the year.

Standard Experience 

1 - 1/2 hours shooting time

1 - 2 locations within a few miles of each other

Unlimited outfits

Basic Experience

1/2 - 1 hour shooting time

One location

Unlimited outfits

This is a great option for the guy that is only doing pictures to make his mom happy!

The Ultimate Experience includes an additional "mini"photoshoot - 30 - 45 minutes long. This can be used in a different season, or for prom or graduation photos. If for an event, it must be booked 30 days ahead of time. 

Senior Session Fees

Best Friend Sessions

The Best Friends Sessions are an awesome idea for two to four people. 

The ultimate experience when booked with one or more people is $185 per person and includes 3 - 4 hours shooting time, still unlimited locations and outfits.

The standard experience when booked with one or more people is $175 per person and includes 2 - 2 1/2 hours shooting time, and 1 -  2  locations and outfits.

Pre-Portrait consultations and ordering sessions will be held separately.

One way to ensure a successful session is to plan it out, which is one of the main goals with a pre-portrait consultation.  Communication is critical between the photographer and client throughout the process, and the best way to start out on the same page is to plan the session together!  

The meeting also establishes a level of comfort before a client ever steps in front of the lens, which in many cases is a huge deal! 

The pre-session consultation usually takes place at your house, but we can meet at a coffee shop or other place that is comfortable and quiet enough to allow easy conversation. 

Meeting in your home allows me to get a glimpse into your style; and we can measure your wall space and discuss where you are thinking about hanging your new art work. This makes it easier for me to plan my shot choices.  If we do not meet at your home, you may have homework to do before our meeting! 

The Pre-Portrait Consultation

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